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In 2019, German tax on renewable energy was reduced to 0.5 yuan / kWh.

The Bundesnetzagentur announced on Monday that the tax on all renewable energy incentives in Germany will be reduced to 0.06405 euros per kilowatt-hour (0.5 yuan) over the next year under the country's Renewable Energy Act (EEG). This is nearly 6% less than in 2018, and a second successive tax cut.

On October 15 each year, TSO, the German transmission system operator, must determine the next year's EEG levy level based on expert reports. Bundesnetzagentur reports that since 2014, the EEG tax has remained stable despite a 50% increase in EEG subsidies during this period. On the other hand, several reforms have been implemented to prevent EEG from rising in recent years.

In order to determine the level of EEG levy, transmission system operators must also take into account the expected expansion of photovoltaic and wind power in the coming year. According to transmission system operators, they expect a total of 5.75 gigawatts of new installed capacity, nearly 2.7 megawatts of which will come from photovoltaic power generation, at nearly the same rate of growth as land and offshore wind power.

Overall, the generation of renewable energy is expected to reach 217 TW in 2019.