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New South Wales government approves 100MW PV project

Recently, the New South Wales government has approved the construction of a 100 MW photovoltaic project in Wagga Wagga, which will provide renewable energy for the region.

New South Wales government approves 100MW PV project

The solar project will create more than 200 construction jobs next year, according to the director of resource assessment at the Ministry of Planning and Environment. Once the project is completed, it will provide electricity for more than 30 thousand families. The project cost 116 million dollars.

He also revealed that the project will support hundreds of construction work, many of which will be purchased locally. This is an excellent boost for the locals. "

Despite the approval, 9 objections were raised by local community members. The Southern joint regional planning group (JRPP) ruled that the development of the plant had minimal environmental impact.

Finally, he added, "We see billions of dollars in private investment in renewable energy projects in New South Wales, and millions of people are now pouring into Wagga Wagga. Solar energy is an important part of New South Wales's energy structure. "